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Should You Try Jet? Here’s what you need to know before you do

Jet has a lot of promising features that are aimed at saving people money using whatever means necessary. Their variety of products is a rarity in the online shopping industry despite not having fresh grocery items like milk and eggs. Albeit a bit confusing, Jet can save you money by packaging similar items together, and can do so with a fairly quick turnaround time.

  • One pro I can’t find a problem with is Jet Anywhere, which allows customers to shop other web sites like Nike and Carters to earn Jet cash that can be spent at Jet.
  • In my opinion, many of Jet’s most promising features are also among its most confusing. Their two-day delivery option and free shipping on orders $35 or more make for a great starting point, but the structure of their discounting process (while trendy and fun) is kind of exhausting.
  • Every little bit counts, so there is definitely an innate sense of accomplishment as the prices seem to drop before your eyes, but the mathematical algorithms behind it all don’t make much sense to me as an average user.
  • Two-day shipping is always a plus, especially if you’re a business person or busy mom on the go. However, it’s easy to get confused by what items will arrive when, as well as when your credit or debit card will be charged for what items. These are among the biggest concerns of users who have tried Jet and say they won’t go back for round two despite the 15 percent discount promo right now
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In a lot of ways, Jet sounds too good to be true. With prices that drop as you shop on everything from toilet paper to tablets and free shipping on orders of $35 or more and no membership fees, Jet is among the visionaries in the online shopping realm.

I had never heard of it before and was immediately intrigued upon my first visit to the site. A colorful landing page welcomes you, boating everyday low prices that drop lower as you shop for items that are delivered quickly to your door.

With two-day delivery on grocery, paper products and other household essentials, the Amazon Prime user in me immediately recognized Jet as a direct competitor of the service I hold dear enough to pay $99 a year to maintain.

While Jet also used to charge a membership fee, those days are a distant memory now. In its place I found mixed reviews of the service all over the place, with users who either swear by its money-saving practices or say to literally “jet” as far away as possible from the service.

Negative reviews mostly cite issues with shipping, product availability and confusion about pricing. At first glance, I was not surprised to find there were concerns about pricing, as it is both the most important and simultaneously complex part of ordering with Jet.

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How it Works

  • Check availability. First-time users are welcomed to a colorful homepage filled with recognizable brands and once you begin shopping you are prompted to enter a zip code to help personalize the shopping experience.
  • Jet’s focus is on saving money, and the site features a variety of ways to accomplish that goal. When you click on an item like Bounty Basic paper towels, for example, you are prompted to select from a list of options to help you save more money.
    1. In the case of a 12-pack of Bounty Basic paper towels, the price starts at $18.99. That amount drops down to $18.80 if you opt out of free returns, $18.71 if you pay by debit card or $18.52 if you do both. Add a 36 pack of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper doubles rolls to that and the price automatically drops by almost a percent on both items because they can be packed and shipped together.
    2. I personally opted to try buying diapers in an attempt to see if Jet could beat my average spending habits at Target of 17 cents per Luvs brand diaper. I tried saving extra money early on by buying the Target brand (Up & Up) but ultimately found Luvs to be the best middle-of-the-road value. Luvs are a bit more expensive than off brands on the surface, but they also protect against nighttime leaks better than any other brand (including Huggies and Pampers) I have tried. I selected the least expensive option on Jet, which waives the right to returns and agrees to use a debit (not credit) card, and purchased more than one box of diapers and wipes to maximize savings.

My experience reflected that items marked with a little red ticket are not only eligible for two-day delivery, but drop slightly in price when shipped together. Take note of delivery options while you’re browsing as many do offer two-day delivery, but some items ship in as much as five days.

The page tracks your cart and lets you know when you’ve qualified for free shipping by spending $35 or more. Shipping on orders less than that is $5.99.

A relatively unique feature compared to other online grocery shopping options is the wide variety of products. What the grocery department lacks in having no fresh eggs or milk products for example, it makes up for in its pet, baby, books, wholesale, kitchen, furniture and jewelry departments.

Features of the site are customized to the time of year to help those shopping for seasonal items, like back to school, as well as broken down by departments, like their specialty food shop.

  • Check out. There is no membership fee, but there are some benefits to registering, which you are asked whether you’d like to do when you check out. By creating a profile, Jet will track your purchases and help make shopping easier when you return to place another order. Before checking out, always check for promotions as Jet runs them regularly. Currently there is a coupon for 15 percent off your first three orders, but you need to enter the coupon during your first order to qualify for the discount.
  • Wait for delivery. Since most orders will meet the $35 minimum to qualify for free delivery, the main thing to keep in mind with delivery from Jet is that some items may arrive sooner than others despite that you ordered them at the same time. At the latest most deliveries will arrive within five business days, while a majority of items will likely get to you within two business days.
    1. My order arrived perfectly via Fed-Ex between the two-hour window of time I selected. Worth noting was the delivery driver did not bring it all the way to the door, but instead deserted the rather large and relatively heavy package near the top of the driveway. He seemed nice enough, but still was more than ready to resume his route as quickly as possible. The result was me, hauling the large box off to the side until my husband got home from work and brought it inside.


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Jet boasts its availability to anyone, anywhere any time. However, it is important to note that Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are not included as continuous parts of the United States, and therefore delivery is not available in those places at this time.

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The Amazon Prime loyalist in me didn’t want to like it. I wanted to be skeptical, if for no other reason than to know I’m paying $99 to Amazon every year for a reason. I was surprised at what I found. Prices for grocery staples are comparable to most major retailers, but more products than not are available in larger quantities than they would be at stores like Target.

Here are a few grocery staples I could see purchasing for my family of four:

  • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars, Strawberry, 16 count $4.67 starting price (vs. $15.65 on Amazon)
  • Annie’s Homegrown Organic Macaroni & Cheese Variety Pack, 12 count $13.07 starting price (vs. $17.99 on Amazon)
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup Twin Pack $7.29 starting price (vs. $11.99 on Amazon)

As a Target Red Card user with the Cartwheel app on speed dial, I do the majority of the shopping I would consider doing on Jet at Target. Paper products in particular seem relatively similar to Target, but I was pleasantly surprised to find diaper prices were as well. I have two little ones in diapers right now, and we use Luvs.

jet2Here’s what I found:

On Jet, the starting price for the value pack of Luvs size 5 diapers is $22.78 for 112 diapers, which breaks down to about 20 cents per diaper. Granted, that is the starting point (the price can drop lower with qualifying purchases.

At face value, that is a deal compared to Target’s price of $24.99 for the same size box. However, savvy Target shoppers who use Cartwheel, shop with a Red Card and stock up on diapers when they run their $10 gift card deals can walk away spending as little as 17 cents per diaper in the long run when all of those discounts are combined.

To throw another curve ball in the mix, Amazon offers a larger box of 140 diapers for $23.98, which breaks down to 17 cents per diaper without the added hassle of shopping a particular sale at Target or shopping options on Jet.

In my case, I was able to beat my own personal best in terms of savings by trying Jet. Here’s what I learned in a nutshell:

  • Either way, I essentially had to “stack” discounts. With Jet, that meant waiving the option to return products, paying with a debit card and buying more similar items (like a second box of diapers) to maximize savings. I also did a fair amount of research to find a promo code that knocked an extra $10 off my order.
  • The result was great! At $18.41 total for the box, my final price per diaper was just over 16 cents, beating my Target norm of 17 cents per diaper.
  • There could be added savings for impulse buyers as well. Since I frequently shop with two outspoken toddlers in tow, getting in and out of Target without the occasional couple of extras (like a new Hot Wheels car or coloring book, for example) can prove challenging. With Jet, it was as easy as a few clicks, saving me the hassle of getting to the store in addition to helping prevent me giving in to the demands of one of my toddlers.



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