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All Boxed Up: What you need to know about Boxed

When it comes to saving time and money, Boxed is an excellent option for families on the go. The ability to buy in bulk online and have something delivered to your house is appealing, even from the standpoint of not having to haul those bulk purchases out of the store, load them into your car (praying it all fits!) and then unload at your house. And for pantry and home essentials, it’s tough to beat their prices, despite not being a one-stop shopping experience.

  • Boxed is a great option for both busy families on the go or businesses in need of larger stocks of certain products. The portability of ordering with the app is handy, but also saves time, money and gas in the long run. A major benefit to any online shopping is the resistance to impulse buying. You’re less likely to throw a granola bar and sparkling water in your cart while you’re waiting to check out when you’re shopping online.
  • The site also has a handy feature for monitoring spending through the shopping cart on the upper right hand of the screen, which is helpful for keeping your virtual cart in check. While Boxed’s curated product lines may seem limiting to some people, it can help keep you focused on the task at hand rather than getting sidetracked with a million different kinds of paper towels.
  • Time is money when you’re a mom of two little children under three, wife of a hard-working husband and dog mom to a four-legged friend. The concept of saving money as well as the time that would otherwise be spent hauling around at Target or Walmart on the weekends is among the most appealing of all with the Boxed service.
  • Boxed makes a better supplement to other necessary grocery shopping than it is a one-stop shop. The main component that is missing is a big one with the lack of kitchen essentials like eggs, bread and milk. If produce and other fresh items, such as a deli or bakery, were added to the product offerings, the service would be complete in my opinion.
  • Another challenge, depending on your take on the matter, is that hand-picked concept for choosing products. It’s not like the grocery store around the corner that has 26 different varieties of peanut butter. Boxed selects the products they feel are the highest quality despite the user’s personal opinion of the brands and products themselves.
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It’s a simple and straightforward online shopping experience anyone can use from anywhere in the contiguous United States almost any time. With the mission to provide customers bigger sizes, bigger savings and a smart selection of well-known brands, Boxed is the leading online retailer of bulk grocery sales.

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How it works

  • Check availability. First-time users are welcomed to a colorful homepage filled with recognizable brands and prompted to enter a zip code to help personalize the shopping experience.
  • Boxed specializes in the bulk buying industry, featuring a variety of grocery, beverage, bath and body and health products, cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes. The site is broken down by category features a search bar and pulldown menu of products, as well as pages with best sellers, new items and sale products. The first thing I noticed was there are no fresh grocery offerings, like fresh eggs, milk and bread. From paper towels to Goldfish crackers, Boxed offers almost anything your family uses regularly in convenient, cost effective bulk. Also of note is that Boxed features a selection of what they feel is the best products and product lines instead of carrying items in a large number of brand choices.
  • Check out. There is no membership fee and it’s possible to never pay shipping if your orders are $75 or more. Boxed frequently also runs promotions, where you can enter a coupon code at checkout for additional savings.
  • Wait for delivery. Unlike some of its online grocery competitors, Boxed promises deliveries within two business days. While services like Peapod are generally fairly specific with a delivery time frame, Boxed users are provided tracking information for purposes of monitoring deliveries. However, this is not as significant a flaw in the system as it may seem since Boxed doesn’t offer the variety of fresh produce and dairy products as some of its competitors.
  • Continue to save. In many cases, online grocery services offer a one-time, first-time user promotion where you are eligible to save, say, $20 on your first order. In an effort to retain customers for the long term, returning customers continue to benefit from free shipping on qualifying orders (over $75), and are eligible to earn one percent in cash rewards on each purchase.
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Boxed boasts its availability to anyone, anywhere any time through the use of its app. However, it is important to note that Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are not included as continuous parts of the United States, and therefore delivery is not available in those places at this time.

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In terms of bulk shopping, prices are comparable to most in-store competitors like Costco and Sam’s Club. However, it is important to note that Boxed shoppers are not subject to the membership fees associated with the stores either, saving users $45 annually for a basic Sam’s Club membership or $55 annually for a basic Costco membership. In addition, Boxed considers itself a direct competitor to online stores like Amazon, whose prices they beat consistently. Amazon users also pay a fee to be Prime members, though that is optional and not necessary to purchase products. also carries it’s own line of products called Prince and Spring.  These items are primarily household staples such as paper towels, plastic bags, plastic utensils, and more.  You can read more about these products at our Prince and Spring review.

Here are a few staples I could see purchasing for my family of four:

  • Ziploc baggies, 500 count: $10.99 (vs. $16.92 on Amazon)
  • Gatorade thirst quencher, 24 pack of 12 ounces: $10.99 (vs. $35.33 on Amazon)
  • Tide HE liquid detergent, 150 ounces: $20.19 (vs. $34.99 on Amazon)


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